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San Diego Cactus Wrens, Yellow Warbler, 23 Nov 2019

Dear friends,


I spent a delightful day yesterday birding with friends Randy McCarthy and Tom Allen visiting from North Carolina.

Along Market St. just east of Malcolm X Library, we saw 4 Cactus Wrens very easily, covering only a fraction of the habitat—the best showing of the Cactus Wren I have seen at this site in years—since I covered it for the bird atlas. A very encouraging sign that there are birds from which the population can grow as the cactus restored at this site matures. We found a pair of California Gnatcatchers within one minute of starting our search.


In Mission Valley, along the north side of the San Diego River west of Mission Center Road, we saw one Yellow Warbler, presumably wintering, in the cottonwoods planted as part of the FSDRIP restoration/landscaping done in 1988. Some of the many Scaly-breasted Munias/Nutmeg Mannikins there were feeding young—no wonder the species is proliferating so rapidly, breeding straight through the fall.


Good birding,


Philip Unitt

San DIego



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports