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San Diego Bay boat ride highlights

12:24 pm

Four of us putt-putted around San Diego Bay in a boat during the morning of the 26th. In addition to the female black scoter and continuing white winged scoter mentioned in an earlier post in Coronado, we also had a young male black scoter off Chula Vista but which unfortunately was in a section where it would be very hard to see from shore, namely off the Discovery Center, the former nature center in Chula Vista. Surprising was a large concentration of feeding cormorants that include 50 Brandt’s at the very very bottom of the bay, just immediately north of the salt works, which is farther down the bay than normal, especially in such numbers. Out in the middle of the water off the salt works and J Street was the usual couple large, very concentrated flocks of greater scaup which totaled about 1100 in all, a typical winter count here. Lesser scaup, in contrast, were more widely distributed around the bay in smaller flocks and probably totaled about 500. Horned grebes totaled about 75. Also the usual reddish egret a Delta Beach which is a fixture there. Photos of the rare scoters will appear in eBird lists later today.

Paul Lehman et al. San Diego