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San Diego Bay area, Sunday

Sunday morning, the 21st, I drove around San Diego Bay from J Street around the bottom and up the Silver Strand to Coronado. Not many highlights. A full alternate Short-billed Dowitcher near the Biological Study Area on the Silver Strand I am guessing is an early fall arrival, as all the many (75+) SBDOs I've had over-summering since mid-May have been in full or almost full basic plumage, and I've had nothing until now that was anywhere close to looking like this bird. Also 3 basic-plumaged Black Turnstones and 5 Ruddy Turnstones–certainly all summering.

Reddish Egret continues at J Street/Marina Pkwy. Flock of 44 Surf Scoters and 2 Common Loons in the ocean off North Island. The only other scoters I've had this summer are 3 Surfs at La Jolla.

But I can't find a single Brant this summer, and some spots that are normally very birdy at this season–such as Emory Cove and Delta Beach–are pretty dead so far on repeated visits. J Street seems best this summer of the tidal sites for numbers of birds.

Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports