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Safari Park

Nothing rare to report. The egret rookery is getting started down at the African Trails snack bar area. Multiple WF Ibis nests in progress, and few Cattle Egret nests, and Snowy Egrets as well. Two or three BC Night Heron nests look like they may have eggs already. I did not see any Great Egrets nesting as of yet. A lot of action, which will increase over the next several weeks.

One bird of interest, there is a Great Horned Owl that is nesting in what is probably an old BCNH nest directly over the walkway if you are going from the Okapis down to the lagoon. The nest is quite small, with at least 2 owlets crowding the space. These birds will have to start scrambling soon. Right now the trees are not leafed out, so they are pretty easy to see.




Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports