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Sabre Springs migrants – need ID confirmation

I sent this once, but from the wrong e-mail address. My apologies if the post ends up duplicated.

As part of opening city parks and trails for local use, they opened the trail along the creek near my house. So I birded down there this morning.

Saw more migrants than I've ever seen in one outing along that trail. Among the 49 to 50 species I found there were 10 WESTERN TANAGERS, 1 WESTERN WOOD-PEEWEE, 1 possible HAMMOND's FLYCATCHER, 7 WARBLING VIREOS, 3 TOWNSEND'S WARBLER, 7 WILSON'S WARBLERS, and 5 BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLERS, and the icing on the cake was an OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER. Only the second time I've ever seen one down there. The last one was in May of 2016.

Usually when I find Tanagers or migrating Warblers along that trail I'm lucky to see one or two of each species.  Most likely there was more than what I spotted. It's a large area with a lot of dense foliage and a lot of the habitat is inaccessible.

If anyone who lives over this way is considering checking out the trail, I highly recommend avoiding weekends. Trail is narrow in a lot of spots, and there are too many people on it on the weekends to be able to maintain appropriate distancing.

I have a few not so great photos of the empid that I thought looked like a Hammond's Flycatcher. They are currently under empid sp. Could use some help with confirming the ID.

List with photos:

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs South

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs
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