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Rusty Blackbird at Lake Murray Kiowa Drive entrance 01/03/2021

Hi everyone,

My apologies for the email I sent this morning. I wanted to send the earlier notification as quickly as possible so others who were in the area could come and see it. Here is more information. The Rusty Blackbird that was originally found by Jim Pawlicki on Jan 01 was foraging on the ground by the bait and tackle shop. It was loosely hanging out with a group of Brewer’s Blackbirds and Great-tailed Grackles. When the group was flushed up into a nearby tree they would all return to forage on the ground after a few minutes.. The group showed up in that area around 7:50. I hung around for around 15-20 minutes. It was still there when I left. I don’t know how long it stays in that area.

Terry Hurst
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports