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Ruddy Ground Dove update

The Ruddy Ground Dove appeared off and on until 5:45 PM, always coming down to feed along the paved jogging path and the weeds on either side of it when the White crowned Sparrows did so. The bird is clearly a male and may indeed even be an adult male as there's lots of ruddy color to the body contrasting with the grayish head. Just stand at the fence at the base edge of the little "park" where the Cassins Sparrow was a few years ago, which again is at the corner of 8th and Coronado. And wait for the white crowneds to appear. The problem of course is that if the birds decide to use a section along the paved path that's more than 100 feet or so in either direction then it's behind the houses and your view is blocked, and that is in fact where Johnny Galt first found the bird earlier today, at a spot a couple houses away that would not have been visible from this public site. So one may just have to wait until the White crowneds choose the appropriate section to feed. All the birds get periodically flushed by joggers or walkers using the path, although late today that usage was intermittent enough that the birds could feed for reasonable stretches of time.

Paul Lehman & m.obs, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports