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Rose-breasted Grosbeak PLNU

I birded Point Loma Nazarene University late morning yesterday 5/15. In the trees around the small fence that surrounds the culvert immediately south of the main entrance on Lomaland Drive there were six grosbeaks. Three were male Black-headed, 2 were female Black-headed and one appeared to be a female Rose-breasted. I was confident on the ID in the field, noting the continuous streaking across a relatively clean (not buffy) breast, and apparently pale bill. After getting relatively good looks, and eventually seeing that it had yellow underwings, I mistakenly wrote it off as a female Black-headed (oops!). Now, reviewing photos and being reminded that female Rose-breasted Grosbeaks DO have yellow underwings, I'm back to my original ID. Photos on ebird:

Always learning (and relearning),
Nicole Desnoyers

North Park/San Clemente Island

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