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rose-breasted grosbeak in Encinitas

A male rose-breasted grosbeak just visited the bird feeder outside my window in Encinitas today (Saturday).  It had briefly appeared at my bird bath yesterday morning, looked wistfully at my empty seed feeders and then departed.   After he left yesterday, I refilled the feeders, and this morning it paid off.  
An ash-throated flycatcher also made it into the yard yesterday, making it a two yard bird day. 
Warbling vireos have been seen daily in the yard for the last two weeks or so.  They, along with at least five other bird species, have shown interest in a couple of prolifically fruiting carrotwood trees.  The birds are attracted to the bright orange, fleshy pith that lines the open seed pods and makes a sheath that covers the bean-like seeds.  
–Andy Mauro

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports