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Rose-breasted Grosbeak at San Elijo Lagoon

orry for the late report, but I saw a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak near the trailhead of the La Orilla Trail at San Elijo Lagoon on Saturday morning (5/6/18). It was in the wooded portion of the trail covering the first quarter mile or so, between the bench on the side of the trail and the wooden foot bridge.

As I recall one was reported there a couple of years ago, so perhaps the same one has returned. I wanted to report it in case Robert Patton wants to try to refind it for the San Elijo monthly bird count on Monday.


P.S. I have had 3 or more Swainson's Thrushes in my yard over the past week or two. They come every year and eat the fruit of my Carrotwood Trees. I hear their "whit" calls and marvelous spiraling song every morning.

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