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Rohr Park Baltimore Oriole, and other stuff

11:21 am

Monday morning, the 13th, at dawn, the (sneaky) female Baltimore Oriole has returned for at least its second year to Rohr Park in Bonita. Same exact m.o. as last year: was present at dawn (6:15-6:45+ AM) in the large, heavily-flowering Blue Gum eucalyptus in the middle of the park, on the immediate east side of “Provence House.” Did not have any other orioles or tanagers, but hopefully that will change. The usual adult male Vermilion Flycatcher is near the west end of the park. At nearby Sweetwater Reservoir, the flock of continuing 4 minima Cackling Geese and 5 Gr. White-fronted Geese has been joined by a single Snow Goose. In the fisherman’s parking lot there was a Brewer’s Sparrow mixed in with a flock of Savannahs and White-crowneds. A Wilson’s Warbler was along Market Creek in Chollas View.
Yesterday, the 12th, a visit to Balboa Park turned up an early-morning flock of 3 Bullock’s Orioles and 5 Western Tanagers in the Zoro Garden/Natural History Museum area–and I finally saw my first couple coastal flocks of Cedar Waxwings and American Robins of the entire fall…..
–Paul Lehman, San Diego