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RFI: Peregrines and Parakeets

9:05 pm

This evening, I observed a Peregrine Falcon bombing/harassing a group of Red-masked Parakeets in my North Park neighborhood near Morley Field. It started my mind working; the parakeets are loud and obvious, and at first blush, they seem like a tempting
shiny object for urban Peregrines. Yet they work in groups, occasionally large groups. I have never lived in a city with parrot and parakeet populations like this, and I would be interested if someone might have a moment to relate their understanding of Peregrine/Psittacid
interactions to me offline to avoid traffic on the listserv. It seems like it might be an interesting topic. 
Chris McCreedy
North Park

Chris McCreedy

Southwest Riparian Bird Recovery Coordinator

Bird Conservancy

Research Associate

Blue Conservation Science