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returning Orchard Oriole, roosting Scissor-tailed, Rusty Bbird behavior

Friday morning, Dec 6, at first light, the roost of Cassin's Kingbirds (20+) in the large sycamore trees near the bottom of Nestor Park contained the returning SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER that most folks have been seeing recently later in the morning over near the Sunset ball fields. The bird roosted at this site for part of last winter as well. Today it was in view quietly sitting amongst mid-height branches at around 6:45 AM. A few minutes later, between 6:55-7:05AM, at the north end of the park when the fist sunlight hits the pink-flowered eucalyptus trees, first the continuing 2-3 Western Tanagers and then a female ORCHARD ORIOLE appeared. This is undoubtedly the same female that has been there the past two winters. Especially small, and same behavior. Just like the oriole's m.o. the past two winters, this morning it was very sneaky, working quietly around the branches and flowers, magically disappearing behind clumps, and then flying down and vanishing into the willows at the north end of the euc line. Also continuing immature male VERMILION FLYCATCHER on the fences at the bottom end of the park, and continuing B-t Gray Warbler.  In the nearby TRV, there were 2 Western Tanagers along Monument Road.

Today's Rusty Blackbird show was almost totally different from yesterday's. As most of you probably know, yesterday morning it was re-found at Robb Field, but fairly quickly (by mid-morning) what was assumed to be the same bird (with its entourage of 20-40 Brewer's and some cowbirds) had relocated a LOOOONG ways away to the Petco/Ralph's/Dick's Sporting Goods shopping center parking lot on Sports Arena Drive, where it remained for quite some time. Today, it was found soon after dawn back at Robb Field, but where it and much of the flock stayed all morning, and it was still there at 11:30AM when I departed. (Some folks have put some seed and oatmeal out for the birds there, which might have encouraged them to linger longer today.) But to double-check the situation, I then went straight to Petco/Dick's and there were only 6 Brewer's there. So, so far the "One-Bird-Theory" is alive and well!

–Paul Lehman
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports