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Results of 2022 Lake Henshaw CBC

Results of 2022 Lake Henshaw CBC
By {authorlink} – 1:09 pm

35 outstanding volunteers participated in the 2022 Lake Henshaw CBC on 19 Dec! Thank you so much for your hard work and persistence in San Diego’s only Montane, (high altitude), and “wildest” CBC. Many of you have been supporting this Count Circle for decades and have contributed so much valuable data in an area of critical San Diego County bird habitat with limited access! A big thank you to the Private, Government, and Corporate entities who grant access to a significant portion of the Count Circle.

Thank you again to Gretchen Cummings for her many years of wonderful work shepherding this crucial Count and for trusting me to carry the torch!

In the Forty plus years of this CBC, 214 total species have been recorded at least once, (several only once) and thus far a grand total of over 635,000 individual birds. Waterbirds have shown a steady decline in individual numbers the past 30 years, standing out as a significant statistic for this Count Circle.The 43rd CALH Count ended up with a species total of 122, which is slightly above both the 10 (121) and 20 (117) year averages, with a well below average individual bird numbers count of 7088 (10,500+ average over 17 years) which does continue a general downward trend in overall numbers of birds, seemingly throughout North America. Highlights this year include a wonderful 16 Lewis’s Woodpeckers counted by the Kanaka Flat team, a few Tree swallows and White-throated swifts at the Lake itself, as well as a few of the many Greater White-fronted geese present in San Diego County this winter on the ponds in northern Warner Valley. Lowlights would be sparse Raptor numbers and low numbers of Grassland birds across the species board.

You’ll all be hearing from me next Fall as we keep San Diego County’s coolest CBC rolling along. Don’t forget that participating in this CBC requires early volunteer sign up as most of the surveyed areas require access permits and waivers for team members that have processing times that preclude last minute volunteers! Sign up early for the count which always occurs on the first Monday of the Count period. (i.e. Sign up Prior to December 1st). I look forward to seeing you all in December 2023 for the 44th Lake Henshaw CBC!!


Chris Staurovsky

PS Anyone who wishes to receive a data sheet for the 2022 Count contact me off list.