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Remaining Swainson's Hawks in Borrego Springs-Around 200

This morning we had around 800+ hawks very active, especially near the airport. Several birds were on the runway, probably eating caterpillars. The side road off of Henderson Canyon also yielded some very close kettles. 

This evening we observed far less hawks, indicating that several hundred migrated today. Again best locations are at the east end of the airport and the overlook off of Henderson.
1. The airport is located east of Borrego Springs downtown on S-22. 
2. The overlook off of Henderson is east of the flower fields at the turn to the south. Look for some homes on the right and a gravel road (sharp turn to the west). Take the gravel road about 100 yards  till you reach a deep gorge (don't drive any further). Walk up the hill to the south and hopefully a hundred or so Swainson's will be feeding in the field or in flight. Coming from the west make sure you don't pass Pegleg (lots of RV's). 
I suggest getting out around 8am as the hawks become airborne very quickly in the morning with the strong winds we are having. Total hawks now evident in the valley is around 200. However it is very possible that more hawks will enter the valley late this evening. 
I'll be adding another blogspot in a few days with shared photos.
I'll be out at 8 tomorrow before departing town for a few days,
Borrego Springs

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports