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reddish egret and little blue heron at san elijo lagoon 11-9-20

Still rare in North County despite frequency in San Diego & Mission Bay areas…  Patti & Patrick Koger initially reported a juvenile reddish egret to the NW of Rios Ave at San Elijo Lagoon this morning (11-9-20), then around 10:30 I had it foraging along the channel south of Manchester Ave between Ocean Cove and the nature center, then just before noon Elizabeth Venrick & Geoff Veith reported it being just west of I-5 visible from the trail east from Rios Ave.
Elizabeth & Geoff also reported a juvenile little blue heron off the Rios trail and Patti & Patrick later (around 12:15) reported presumably the same one west of the nature center & north of the western of the two new footbridges.
(There was a flock of at least 49 pipits in the fallow areas of the strawberry fields north of Manchester & east of I-5, but scoping through them produced no non-Americans or longspurs… may be worth checking occasionally though…)(no political implications intended…)
R. Patton
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports