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Red-throated Pipit, black and white, clay colored

Monday morning at 9:45 there is a red-throated pipit on the school ball field with 20 American pipits next to Berry Park on Leon Avenue in Nestor. This flock, as everyone knows who looked at the wintering bird here a few years back, comes and goes and when they are not here at the ball field or the park itself it is unknown where they go so it's a hit or miss proposition. Also present this morning there was a female black and white warbler at the north end of Nestor Park bordering Tesoro Grove, where also returning wintering adult male Western Tanager and adult male black threaded gray warbler. Still at least two Vermilion flycatchers at the Sunset ball fields and at least 10 Yellow-headed blackbirds near Sunset and Hollister in the horse corral area. Yesterday, Sunday, there was a White-winged dove and two Pine siskins in residential Point Loma and a Clay colored Sparrow in brush along the railroad tracks with white crowneds behind the Del Mar public works building. A slightly getting late Swainson's thrush was in Presidio Park, where the birdiest area is the lower steep grassy slope at the lower end of the park.

Paul Lehman, Dan Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports