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Red-throated Pipit, and miscellaneous including bizarre Orange-crowned Warbler

I just heard from Guy McCaskie that he saw the Red-throated Pipit a short while ago in the late morning today, tuesday, at the ball fields behind the high school that are partly visible from the very south end of Nestor Park. A total of about 40 pipits altogether. The problem partly is that the bird was visible only at the east end of those fields and the only way to see that area is to go into an apartment complex and park in their parking lot that oversees that part of the fields. A couple cars going in and doing that would be okay. I've never been hassled when I do it alone. People would just have to figure out which apartment complex it is and give it a try. They are called the Wintergreen Apartments. Or wait till the birds come to the part of the school fields visible from Nestor park.

Yesterday I had a continuing Lucy's warbler in Lincoln Park now for day 17, I also had a rose-breasted grosbeak in the Tijuana River Valley but it was in a borderline sensitive area in regards to border patrol activity. And lastly, in the Chollas View neighborhood of San Diego, I had a bizarre Orange crowned warbler that has the very typical body and tail colors and markings of an orange crowned but the entire head and throat were bright unmarked yellow with a beady dark eye looking like a prothonotary warbler female. Also the legs partly looked kind of dull fleshy yellow rather than dark. Unless there is some sort of exotic species that looks just like that….

Paul Lehman, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports