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Red-n. Grebe, Orchard Oriole, E. Phoebe

I bounced around this morning with the first stop at Shelter Is. for the Red-necked Grebe found by Kerry Ross. Then headed over to 28th st. for the Russ Blvd. Orchard Oriole (3rd try success). That bird reported by Phil Unitt. 

Last a walk into Singer Ln. for the Eastern Phoebe first reported by Christopher Adler. This bird on the barbed wire fence next to the entrance to the sewage plant.

Yesterday morning I had the female White-winged Scoter at Surf Camp Imperial Beach found by Paul Lehman.
Later a male Vermillion Flycatcher at the northern part of Bay park in Chula Vista. maybe the bird reported from the Sweetwater Marsh on the other side of the boat yard?
Dave Povey

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports