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Red-Lored Parrot in North Park Area

Red-Lored Parrot in North Park Area
By – 6:17 pm
A pure-looking Red-Lored Parrot has been an infrequent visitor to my neighborhood since at least early March, and has been coming fairly regularly each morning this week. It’s typically associated with a small group of Amazona – 2 to 4 birds. The group typically comes between 7:30 and 8:30am, and stays for about 20 minutes before flying off east to parts unknown. They prefer the large palms on Georgia St. between Lincoln and Polk Ave., which are publicly  viewable from Georgia St.
Parrots aren’t strict routine birds, so there’s no guarantee they’ll continue showing up in the following mornings. I figured I’d share the info anyway in case there was interest in seeing the Red-Lored Parrot. Please be respectful to the neighbors if you do come, and be wary that parking is tough on Sundays due to the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market.– Nick ThorpeUniversity Heights