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Red-footed booby offshore

Five of us ventured offshore aboard the Privateer to escape the heat. It was very slow birding, with only one BV Shearwater and one Black storm-Petrel seen. No alcids at all. After spending some time watching some Blue Whales, we headed back to shore. Suddenly a tan/brown booby popped up from behind the swell. It was in sight a few seconds before disappearing behind the wheel house. We got ready to photograph it as it crossed to the other side of the boat, only it never appeared. It must have turned and flown down our wake, never to be seen again. No photos. Peter Ginsburg immediately called this as a red-footed booby based on the tan color of the head, with somewhat darker wings. None of us observed any white on the booby, so assume this is a juvenile.

Nancy Christensen

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