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Re: Yellow-headed Blackbird and others at Sweetwater Reservoir

Following up on Jeremiah's report, I braved the rain and visited Sweetwater Reservoir today.  Among a large group of 100+ blackbirds that flew in from the south I found three Yellow-headed Blackbirds in the reeds around 32.6907374, -116.9904253.  A fisherman walking the shoreline flushed the flock and I got a glimpse of another two in flight.  Although I couldn't be certain those two weren't part of the initial few I found, I think there are actually quite a few YHBL lurking around here.  After being flushed they flew back to the south and dispersed into the tall grass among the Western Meadowlarks.

Andrew Newmark
El Cajon, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports