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Re: Worm-eating Warbler at San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area

10:12 am


Don’t know if I’ll go out there, but looked to see what day use pass
would be needed, and thought I’d share what I found. The area is run
by California Department of Fish and Wildlife and at least in my
experience the state’s web sites tend to be a confusing, convoluted
mess. This was no exception. I finally navigated to this page where
a day use Lands Pass, which is what it appears is needed,  can be
purchased online:

Some passes requiring creating an account. Supposedly this doesn’t.

Here is the main page for the area, which does not mention the
required Lands Pass:

This page is about Lands Passes, and has a link to a document
listing properties that require it. San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area
is listed:

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

On 6/19/2024 9:14 AM, Steve Lima wrote: