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Re: Wood Thrush location

Re: Wood Thrush location
By {authorlink} – 2:10 pm

The WOOD THRUSH was still present today (26 Nov) between 11a-130p, originally on the down stream side of the big metal culvert, foraging in the leaf litter just above where the trail crosses the creek (best viewed from the road). Later it was in a large clearing near the road between the culvert and the Doane Pond parking lot. Unfortunately it’s quite skittish and the constant parade of hikers on the trail doesn’t make it easy. Beware there is no cell service once you’re inside the park (at least in this part).
To clarify on the original directions, park at the Doane Pond parking lot and walk back on the road towards the way you drove in until you get to the large culvert running under the road. There is no sign for the Weir Trail that we saw, but the entrance is just before the culvert.
Justyn Stahl
North Park