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Re: Western screech owls at San Elijo Lagoon

Hi Steve,

Interesting, and very intriguing report of WESO at San Elijo Lagoon. I am not discounting your report of this species, but was curious if you ruled out Lesser Nighthawk? Speaking for myself and others who have spent numerous hours over the years in the East Basin hiking this area during pre-dawn hours, we have not detected this species. But I did have LENI trilling on the hillsides last week. 
Again, not discounting your observation. But I’d love to have WESO on my lagoon list! 
On a side note of minimal interest, there is a vocal American Bittern that can be heard while hiking pre/shortly after dawn from where Steve has been hiking. Props to Steve getting out there early a.m. 
Good Birding
Jimmy McMorran
Leucadia, CA

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