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Re: Virginia’s not seen

Dear Alison and San Diego Birders,  

I have also pulled my Virginia Warbler sighting the morning of Sept 14,  after confirming with Alison Hiers today that there was a very pale Nashville in the mix this morning on Wing Stree, in addition to a very bright yellow Nashville (probably the same one  I saw yesterday), and thought was the only Nashville around.  My white bellied, white-flanked , and white-chinned VIWA could very well have been a very pale NAWA high up in the tree and half the time hidden by leaves, and the longer tail just a trick of angle.  In any event, since there is room for doubt,  I plan to revise my report.  A good lesson learned!  Thanks to Alison and Jimmy M. and others for their posts, and to the editors of eBird for keeping us on our toes.  Happy fall warbler-ing to all,  Sue 

Susan Smith 

Seiurus Biological  Consulting 
Del Mar, CA 

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