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Re: spring morning flight

I also ended up doing a "morning flight" watch the last couple mornings from a hillside spot I found a short walk from my home, beginning a little after dawn.  While Paul's spot is close to the coast mine is a bit further inland, a little north of Lake Hodges, near the edge of the Del Dios Highlands Preserve.  
Like Paul, I saw a big jump in Black-throated Gray Warblers this morning with 34.  While my numbers for Wilson's and Nashville Warblers were a bit lower than Paul's totals, I had many more Townsend's (17) and a decent number of Hermit Warblers (6) on the move at my site.   I didn't start visiting this spot until this spring, so I don't have have a great sense of what expectations should be for high or low counts yet.

The lists include a portion of my walk to the location, and I didn't attempt to separate active migrants from local breeders, but the vast majority of the warblers were seen actively moving up and over the hillside, similar to what Paul described:

My list for April 14:
and April 15:

Alex Abela
Escondido, CA

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