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Re: sort-of Big Days

Hello Paul, 
What a wonderful Big Day by Bike – nice job. I bet you could top 100 species with a short trip up to a local canyon to pick up chaparral/coastal sage scrub species. Maybe add a stop at Tecolote Canyon? Are you keeping your challenge to the coastal area only?
Bike only? I know a good snipe/sora/rail spot if you need one, the snipe sightings are reliable. 
Blasting this out to the group as input and experience on local Big Days isn't prevalent online. I found evidence of a few local bird
bloggers writing about their efforts. Wondering if anyone has input or interest in the topic. 
Myself and Mandy Mathews did a San Diego County Big Day on January first this year, an annual tradition of mine although a first in this county. We went from 4am to 8pm – 19 locations by car from the coast to the mountains. We saw/heard 136 species January
1, 2020. We hope to try this route again during breeding season to track changes and pick up new species. I bet we'd miss most of the ducks in spring, but other species will be present. Looking at other's big day efforts from January 1st there were easily
20 "low hanging fruit" species we missed. I'm looking forward to refining this route over the years and hitting lesser birded areas. Looking back on my route I'll plan a spot within oak woodland habitat, as this was missed on our big day effort. I have my
route and time table planned out if anyone has interest.
Looking for input or team members for the next Big Day, it's always fun to share the experience with others. 
Good birding,
Lindsay Willrick
(619) 971-7801

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports