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Re: Smuggler’s Gulch Drainage west of Hollister in the TRV

12:17 pm

Hello Friends, 
On the heels of Andrew’s email, I wanted to provide a safety note for anyone venturing into the Smuggler’s Gulch area. A colleague of mine was surveying in the general area of Smuggler’s Gulch this month and they stepped onto what looked like solid ground/trash
– and sank to their CHEST in trash/sludge/sewage. They are fine now but struggling to get out of the apparent quicksand/sludge was no easy task. So please take care and bring a buddy. 
Be well, stay safe, and good birding, Linds
Lindsay Willrick
Golden Hill, San Diego
“Hummingbird Lady at B St”
PS: No rare hummingbirds to report as of late. Still have feeders up and full.