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Re: San Diego pelagic birding 2020

Hello all,

In the last few days, I've received a number of inquires about the 2020 pelagic birding locally.
Currently only the May 17th. trip as been cancelled. The June 13th. trip is still on the books, as is the Aug. Sept, and Oct. trips. No reservations are been taken at this time. All the landings offices are closed, and all sportfishing, whale watching, and other pleasure boat operations are shut down. 
I can not even launch my boat to go out, on the bay or ocean even if I were all alone.
How long all this will last is the question? Even if  operations are allowed by the county health dept. how many people will be allowed to gather onboard?. All I can suggest is standby. We will post something as soon as we know (either way).
Thanks for your patience, and stay well,
Dave Povey

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