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Re: Ryan just reported over 200 Pinyon Jay's

Hey all,

Sorry for the delayed listserv post. I had enough service to send out a text but couldn't get the listserv to work in the field. The Pinyon Jays continued this morning at the Sunset Trailhead/mile 19 pullout. I estimate there was around 300-400 birds, but to be conservative, I'm sticking with 300. They were always north of Sunrise Highway, but moved around A LOT. They were originally right by the highway, north of the pullout, pretty much at the apex of the curve — by the gate that leads to the range house. After watching them for a couple minutes, they all flushed down into the valley/meadow area (I suspect to begin feeding). Unfortunately this was right before most birders arrived. I refound the flock right around 32.868264, -116.459755 but they quickly worked their way south to about 32.866215, -116.463452 where they foraged until I left. This is about .4 miles north along the trail that leads to the two lakes in the meadow. They were in the field/hillside west of the trail. A

These birds are going to be moving around a lot but fortunately are very raucous and loud so they are not difficult to track down. I was able to hear them from most of the way across the meadow. Photos and recordings to be added to ebird, including some photos with 120+ birds in one shot.

Ryan Andrews
Valley Center
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports