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Re: Ridgeway’s Rail, Cowles Pt, Lake Murray

Ridgway's Rails are increasingly being detected at inland (freshwater) localities. I am not aware of any being previously found at Lake Murray, but they've been reported from 'far-inland' sites such as Mission Trails Park, Otay Lakes, and Guajome Park
(see eBird). 
It'd be good to document the Lake Murray bird. Indeed, I recommend observers treat all non-coastal Ridgway's Rails as 'rare' and take pains to document them accordingly.
Ridgway's Rails are considered endangered species under State and Federal endangered species acts. This boosts the significance of detections, especially away from known haunts. (It also means that care should be taken to not disturb
them; audio playback should be avoided.) 
Thanks for reporting. Good luck. 
-Gjon Hazard 

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports