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Re: PSA – Ignorance about Birders

5:39 pm

Joe and all:


Interesting that the birding community has been using the residential area of Point Loma for decades without the upper-income people there suspecting a peeping tom and calling SDPD. Same could be said for north coastal areas. I guess the middle to lower-income areas, such as Grantville, are inclined to be more suspicious. BTW, I live on Rancho Mission Road maybe ¾ mile from the park and have not birded it.


I recall an SDPD officer sometime back who was a serious birder and posted sightings to this list. I believe his beat was in South Bay and the Tijuana River valley. I’ve never met him but I hope he is still on the job here and will give his fellow officers a talking to about birding. Responding to calls is what we pay the police for but there is no place for snide comments.


Geoffrey Rogers

San Diego, CA