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Re: Prairie Warbler Warbler: San Elijo Lagoon Nature Trail 20 OCT2019

Photos of apparent PRAIRIE WARBLER are in the following E-bird report. It is a drab first year type bird.

The bird was observed around 9:05 AM near the sign the says "Water is Attractive" in the SE section of trail where the willow branches go over and across trail. People did show up and look for the bird. It was not seen after report to at least through 11:30 AM when I left. There is a lot of suitable/equivalent habitat around the trail and it could be moving around. It was loosely associated with a group of warblers including a Wilson's Warbler.

Approx. Location coordinates:
33.012407, -117.271612

Tito Gonzalez
Carlsbad, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports