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Re: Point La Jolla seawatch – Sabine's G, Kittiwake, bird movement, 28 Nov 2019

Just to add to Gary’s report:
Seawatching started out excellent this morning before the storms hit.
For me, having the Swarovski 95 scope makes all the difference in being able to see distant birds.
Everyone else there this morning before Gary arrived was looking through camera lenses, binoculars or 50mm scopes.

When I arrived at the leisurely hour of 6:45, there were Pacific loons passing well offshore at the rate of 4/second.
That flow lasted for 90 minutes.
That’s 18K loons.
Several thousand black-vented shearwaters were wheeling in a gigantic swirl of birds 3 miles out.
At least 1000 Bonaparte’s gulls.

I left during the height of the rain when I, my clothes, shoes and optics were all covered in water.
So didn’t see the good post-rain birds.

And those mystery shorebirds (2 together at one point in the rain, then the one Gary saw on the wall after I had left): I am utterly bewildered as to what they might have been.

Stan Walens, San Diego
Nov. 28, 2019; 3:50 pm
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports