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Re: Now three Vermillion Flycatcher s at the San Dieguito Rd. Horse Pastures, Nov 30, 2020

Male and female still there at 3:30 PM today. Male is still far out along the fence that separates the golf course from the horse pastures. Female came very close, landing on the fence directly out from the pullout / overlook where the fruit stand is on San Dieguito Rd. (for those not familiar with this spot). GPS of where I stood when scoping west: 32.984284,-117.204152

NOTE: While there, a flock of five Canada Geese and one Snow Goose flew over. They seemed to be circling the horse pastures, so I’m guessing they are still around but farther east.
David Trissel
San Diego, CA

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports