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Re: New fort Rosecrans rule

Hi Brian,

Out of curiosity, I checked the cemetery schedule for 11/4.  There was a burial at 10:30, which I assume is the reason for the groundskeeper's request.  I could be totally wrong, of course, so I agree we should follow the rule.  Ft. Rosecrans is a very special place for birding, walking, or reflection.  
I carry a small Lumix point & shoot camera when I bird, which I use to take photos of birds I cannot identify.  I use the photos to figure out the identification at home.  I had a groundskeeper ask me why I was in the cemetery, and what I planned to photograph.  When I explained the binocs & the camera are for birding, he told me I could photograph the birds, but photographing the soldiers' name & information on the headstones is not allowed unless the deceased is a family member.  On a later visit, I had a groundskeeper approach me and tell me that photographs are strictly forbidden in the cemetery, and I could leave or put the camera in my car and continue birding. 

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