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Re: Loon at Lake Miramar

6:03 pm


Here is a link to a gallery with my photos of the Loon and a few
other birds. The Loon photos aren’t very good. Bird was a bit far
off and I had to shoot through a chain link fence with a lens that
seems to be having an issue. My current guess at the ID is Pacific
Loon. If you look at the photos, double click on the first one to
enlarge it. Then mouse to the right side of the photo to get an
arrow to click to go to the next photo. The photo past the last Loon
shot is of an interesting looking Gull. Could use some opinions on
that bird too. My thought at the moment is maybe a Glaucous-winged X
Herring, but my Gull ID skills aren’t particularly good, especially
with immatures. That particular hybrid has shown up at Lake Miramar
in the past.

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

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