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Re: Little Stint Question

8:28 am

For any-day access, viewing “Stint Island” from near the end of 10th St. continues to be the best (only?) option. 

Once a month between October and February, San Diego Audubon offers a walk inside the Salt Works that conveniently walks along the south side of this pond. The views from the edge of the pond are still somewhat distant, but closer than you can get from 10th St. Stint sightings are not guaranteed, but we’ve been lucky this year to have it on all the walls thus far.

The Audubon walks are timed to coincide with rising/high tides in San Diego Bay. Because the lower Salt Works are not tidal, they can accumulate peeps pushed out of other flooded spots in the bay. Thus, high tide may be a better time to check. However, I believe the stint has been seen on the island at all tides, and often seems to act like the island is its territory. Mid-morning (any tide) may be the actual trick, it’s tough to say.

There is a Salt Works walk scheduled for this Sunday, but unfortunately it’s full. They do tend to fill up quickly, so I recommend keeping an eye on the Events Calendar. The next walk is usually posted shortly after the previous one, so possibly some time next week.

Best of luck to all stint fans out there!

Nick Thorpe
University Heights