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Re: Jays & 'crackers, but no Ovenbird

Sorry, I meant to include the link to the ebird checklist.
Tom Benson 
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From: Tom Benson <thomasabenson@…>
Date: 10/26/18 1:32 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Jays & 'crackers, but no Ovenbird

I spent this morning (Oct 26) doing a little birding in San Diego County. Up in the Lagunas, I saw three Clark's Nutcrackers near Los Rasailes Lake, and the continuing flock of Pinyon Jays just north of the horse corral and water trough (see eBird report for more details). I then went to look for the Ovenbird at the Bird & Butterfly Garden without success. I believe there was continuous coverage from 10 am to 1 pm without any sightings.

Tom Benson
San Bernardino, CA 

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