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Re: Inca Dove in Coronado, and other birds

Thanks to Paul for a few corrections: the Tropical Kingbird spot along Coronado Ave is further south, closer to Acacia Way, where you can see the tall golf ball-proof netting high over the houses – this would explain why I've not seen it in the section of the naval base I check. The end of 8th allows you to see the trees, however, where various other goodies have shown up over the years, and where the Inca Dove was, at least this morning. Also, my reference to the Cassin's Sparrow should have been TWO years ago (late October 2017), not last year. How the time flies.
And just to reiterate, please act respectful and keep a low profile when birding residential areas and parks near houses. As has been seen recently at Wing St. canyon and a few other spots over the years, some home owners take issue with people looking towards or over their houses, large groups of people standing in the street or sidewalk, and can be suspicious of photography. All of that can and has caused problems for access or just general enjoyment by folks who have have otherwise birded these areas without issue for years. Engage dog walkers and passers-by who may have questions, show them the picture you took, or talk to them about birding. Several residents have taken pride in knowing a rare bird is in their yard or neighborhood.
Justyn Stahl

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