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Re: Hooded Warbler

Re: Hooded Warbler
By {authorlink} – 9:21 pm

Best to follow the rules strictly.  Practically speaking, you get the same or better sightings from the road.  There are plenty of regular marked parking spaces on Cabrillo Memorial Drive outside the main cemetery entrance.  You then walk north on the east side of the road about 0.2 mi to the NE edge of the cemetery, where there are many trees and shrubs.  The hooded warbler has been hanging out within 20 yards of the boundary.  If you try photos, you shoot through chain-link.  Occasionally the warbler crosses the road.  Learn the song before you go, should lead you right to it.  A guy before me waited an hour for a view, nut I had several excellent views in the 20 min I was there.

In contrast to earlier reports, another birder today reported a Wilson’s warbler and a Townsend’s warbler coexisting in the same area with the hooded warbler.

Lee Wagner