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Re: greater scaup in north county

Re: greater scaup in north county
By – 3:02 pm
On Dec 8, 2021, at 2:27 PM, steve brad <stevanbrad@…> wrote: Morgans Run golf course Del Mar  their were a few on one of the ponds Monday  flageed as rare at this location  certified by Paul LToday Wednesday at the San Luis Rey rivermputh   there  were about 10 scaup species and perhaps hlaf were greater   could be more or less   They were moving around so it was hard to be sure  Not flagged as rare Certified by Paul LI dont knowingly see GRSC much here in the north countyThere`s also a Glaucous winged Gull around  flagged as rare in a lot of sd but for some reaslon not here,   GLWG have been pretty scarce up here last few yearsphotos in my ebird report holidays  see some of you on the boatsteve bradleucadia

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