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Re: Great day in the mountains, Nutcracker, Pinyon, Solitaire, Cassins

Mark, thanks for your directions today (Sunday Nov. 4). Not your fault, but I still managed to get myself a little confused and took a few wrong turns, but still saw some nice birds. I got a late start but ended up hiking over 10 miles and got back after dark. Found the Pinyon Jays arriving at the horse corral and water trough just as I approached, along with one Townsend's Solitaire and several other birds. Near the Water of the Woods / Los Rasalias Lake I briefly saw one Clark's Nutcracker. Continuing toward Big Laguna Lake, I saw a falcon that seemed a bit larger than a Kestrel, but I wasn't sure of the ID. I hiked north along the trail west of Big Laguna Lake up to the point where it connects up with some other trails and loops back south on the east side of the lake. On a fence about 1.5 mile north along the trail west of the lake, I saw one apparent female Mountain Bluebird. I then saw at least 3 more farther north along the trail. A few Golden-crowned Sparrows were in that area as well, including at least one that looked to be in breeding plumage. Unfortunately, no Purple or Cassin's Finches, only a couple of House Finches. 37 total species. Tired feet, but a good day.

Aaron Polichar
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports