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Re: Godwit locations

Thanks Geoff.
Further, we request eBird users use one of the eBird hotspots for tracking this bird:
1) "San Diego River–tidal mudflats" for the spot in Ocean Beach near Robb Field
2) "stakeout Hudsonian Godwit, Mission Beach (2019)" for the spot in Mission Beach
If you've created one of various address based checklists (e.g., "
3715 Ocean Front Walk, San Diego, California, US (32.783, -117.254)") or some variation on one of the above locations, please consider merging it with the appropriate hotspots.
In the description of the bird you can, and should, add details as to where you saw the bird (between which lifeguard towers, near which bridge, etc.)

1) Read about the importance of hotspots:

2) Merge your personal location with the hotspot by doing the following:

In the future, when using the eBird app, after selecting Start New
Checklist, please select *Choose a Nearby Hotspot* if you're birding at a
place that people frequent (typically the case if you are following
directions to a recent rare bird).

4) Finally, if you haven't already, please consider taking the free eBird Essentials course:

Justyn Stahl

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports