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Re: Glossy Ibis–No but Yes!

Replying to Paul – Safari Park is now open. I spent the morning there looking over the ibis hoping for a glossy. Most are done nesting, but some remain. I saw at least two birds still incubating, several nests with scrambling young, and a few fully fledged young. As far as where the ibis forage – they fly out of the park and towards the dairy on Old Milky Way. There is really no access to see them on the ground at all. It is possible the dairy has a pond out of view (the Ramona dairy does) which is used to recycle the water used to bathe the cows prior to milking. After nesting, many ibis disperse to other locations – Lake Hodges, possibly Ramona, and other areas as well.

The rookery at Safari Park is getting close to finished for the year. The nests were less concentrated than usual, possibly because there were no visitors in areas that may seem attractive to the birds. The large hedges of Cape Honeysuckle that line the trail below the cheetahs had many nests – ibis, cattle egret, snowy egrets, black-crowned night herons – while trees that usually have nests were empty.

Nancy Christensen
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports