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Re: Encinitas Community Park R-t Pipit & Vermilion Flycatchers (10/29/20)

Hi Birders,

I returned yesterday afternoon at approximately 4:30 to look for the Red-throated Pipit I heard. When I arrived, soccer practices and a variety of exercise groups had taken over most of the open grass areas, and it had gotten extremely busy since I initially left.  I didn't stay long since it appeared the birds had flushed and gone elsewhere.
I returned today (10/30) at approximately 1:30 to find 50-ish American Pipits present, but no Red-throated Pipit with them. While my pipit count was up from yesterday, it looks like I only found a portion of the flock that is actually present. I noticed Alison Davies birded the park today and saw 100+ pipits, but also had no luck.
The park is definitely worth keeping on your radar if passing through the area this Fall. I imagine weekends are very busy there at all hours, but it seems weekdays are pretty quiet and good for birding the grass until about 3:00?
Good Birding,
Jimmy McMorran
Leucadia, CA  

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