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Re: El Cajon Parrot Roost Empty

Re: El Cajon Parrot Roost Empty
By {authorlink} – 9:06 pm

Hi Barbara,


I live near the El Cajon parrot roost and volunteer at SoCal Parrot Rescue, so I make it a habit to check the roost site fairly regularly. They do move around quite a bit. The last few weeks I haven’t seen them in the courthouse trees where you would expect to find them. For a couple of weeks they roosted in the tall pines on Park near the intersection with Magnolia, between Magnolia and Ballantyne. They were easy to observe from the parking lot of the MotoWorld or from the public parking lot next to the police station. Last week they gathered in the trees in front of and directly east of The Magnolia (the performance center), but just before nightfall they took off and moved to some tall pines along an alley that runs between Park and Hall. I’ll take a look this weekend and let you know where/if I find them.


Emily Routman

El Cajon