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Re: Christmas miscellanea

11:53 am

To add to Paul’s info, the Sage Thrasher continues along Kendall-Frost Marsh. Ter and John had it really early. I saw it around 8:15. It seems to be covering a decent sized area. This morning it was a little further north along the fence than yesterday’s coordinates. Sits on the fence for a while, then drops out of sight.
The Brown Creeper and Black and White Warbler continue at Ward Canyon Park. Mid morning they were in some of the Tipus by the basketball court, outside the dog area. Thanks to Miller and Peter for making it easy for me by being on both birds when I got to the park :-).
Checking for the Rusty Blackbird right now. As expected, no luck. Someone was here for a while before me and had no luck either.

Happy Holidays!

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

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