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Re: Brown Thrasher, Sorrento Valley Ponds

Re: Brown Thrasher, Sorrento Valley Ponds
By {authorlink} – 1:02 pm

Several people followed up on the Brown Thrasher while I was there from about 9:30-11:00, with no new sightings as far as I know.  However, we ran into a woman who birds by bike who said she saw one at these coordinates on Saturday not far away: 32.929023, -117.239278.  There is a bike trail that dead ends behind the businesses.  She seemed to know her birds and was from back east so she is familiar with Brown Thrashers.  She said when she saw it she did not realize quite how rare they were here until she got home and looked it up.  It may be worth paying attention throughout this whole area if anyone is out birding.

Alison Hiers
Carlsbad, CA